REGAL SUDOLT” (Reducerea Excluziunii în GAL SUDOLT)


Project supported by the Program RO10 – CORAI, financed from EEA Grants 2009-2014 managed by Romanian Fund for  Social Development

The aim of the project „Reducing the Exclusion within G.A.L. SUDOLT (R.E.G.A.L. SUDOLT)” was to pilot the innovative measures for decrease the vulnerable groups discrimination and socio-economical exclusion in the Local Action Group (G.A.L.) SUDOLT local communities. This actions-plan was designed to reduce the socio – economic disparities within local communities from G.A.L. SUDOLT, which will sustain directly to achieve the second specific objectives of the RO10 program (reducing the inequalities; combating vulnerable groups discrimination and social & economical exclusion) and, implicit, to strengthening the regional economic and social cohesion (general objective of the program).Within the project 215 experts (including Roma) involved in the field of the services for children and youngsters în the risk situations were trained and assisted and an inclusive local development strategy at G.A.L. SUDOLT level and 3 pilot action-plans for 3 Consultative Communities Councils from Urzicuța, Cârna and Goicea (Dolj County) were developed through local and regional interested stakeholders, including civil society structures. These pilot action-plans will be implemented at local level aiming to decrease discrimination and social exclusion through future projects.


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The value of the financing contract was 1,296,569 lei, out of which 1,079,157 lei represented the amount of the EEA grant.


The content of this website does not necessarily represent  the  official position of FRDS and of EEA Grants 2009-2014. The entire responsibility on the correctness and accuracy of the published information rest with CRONO.


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